Phil Prada

First and foremost, I am an airline Captain. I’ve been a pilot with the airlines for 13 years and it has taught me many valuable traits. Managing 7 crew and 228 passengers in what can be very stressful situations taught me how to manage pressure and stress in very time critical moments. That experience has applied to my life outside the aviation profession. The golden rule in aviation is “if plans change, change plans, and it is a rule I have applied to my whole life. Changes happen quickly, especially with our rapidly expanding technologies, and being able to adapt to those changes is a trait I’ve had to learn quickly for the safety of my myself, my crew and my passengers. Being a pilot has also blessed me with the ability to travel much of this fascinating planet, where I have learned a lot about

While being pilot I had the humbling honor of being in a position I could represent the pilot group as a union leader. The last 4 years I’ve been chairman of Government Affairs at my airline’s Air Line Pilots Association affiliation. I over saw the lobbying efforts of my committee where I began as just myself and grew to 10 members on a very limited budget. There I organized and tackled many issues regarding aviation safety, foreign economic threats, drone regulation, the expanse of biofuels for aviation and FAA appropriations. My work has been mentioned various times on our industry publications. I’ve helped tackle issues as large as foreign relations open skies agreement’s unfair subsidies from Qatar and the UAE to reducing regulation and increasing funding in bio-fuels research.

My union work opened up my passion into politics where I realized I had a voice and I can speak for issues that are important to me. Privately I’ve always been fascinated with sustainable smart city technologies and infrastructure where I realized I could push for initiatives on the more local level. Over time I’ve set relations with many city/state officials speaking about my ideas, where I soon decided it was time I take another step in my life. I’ve incorporated my own firm where I can now promote initiatives, not only to lawmakers, but also provide my knowledge and expertise to companies who are interested in growing in the industries as well.

My expertise, unlike many other firms, comes from my my ability to adapt to change, manage pressure, and the passion and drive I have after having seen much of the world, what works, and what does not. It is not about whether or not I achieve my goals, its how I will make it work. Every takeoff I’ve had has ended with a safe and smooth landing, regardless of the situation handed to me. Prada Governmental Solutions is no difference, my passion, drive and persistence, combined with my knowledge of the world and geopolitical relations will help grow to allow your business to succeed.